One port, unlimited possibilities.

Megaport is the global leader in elastic interconnection – taking you from any location, to any service, on your terms.  We give our users choice and control of their networks through Megaportal – our web and mobile app suite which empowers users to manage their networks anywhere and anytime.  Megaport offers extensive coverage in APAC and is expanding across the US and European markets.

Megaport is an SDN-based layer 2 Ethernet fabric that specializes in cloud and services interconnection in data centers. Megaport is an AWS direct connect, Azure ExpressRoute, and Google Cloud Interconnect partner and operates in the North America, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Megaport customers can provision 1Mbps up to 100 Gbps instantly from any Megaport enabled data center and tear it down when they no longer need it. Our elastic connectivity model and flexible commercial terms (GB transfer, daily, monthly, and annual contracts) make it easy for customers to decide, when, where, and how they consume network services.  Our vision is to enable services and users to connect over an elastic, SDN-based, ubiquitous Ethernet fabric allowing our customers wider coverage, speed to market while reducing costs and enabling rapid provisioning across one platform.

Megaport Global Map

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