MultiTek Global LLC specializes in IT Projects related to Data Center Relocations, migrations and consolidations on a worldwide basis. In addition our data protection services are used by clients worldwide. Our seasoned experts will help you strategize, plan, and execute your project. MultiTek has operations in virtually every corner of the world to support both local and multi-national clients.

When you need to plan and implement a data center project – a relocation, lease return, expansion, data eradication, decommissioning, etc. – MultiTek Global’s professional services will help you do it well, on time, on budget, anywhere in the world. You will partner with a data center expert who has done this before. A plan is built around your business needs and performance standards. A project design is developed, following industry best practices. The plan is carried out as MultiTek Global streamlines the process and coordinates the work.

MultiTek Products and Services