Sky Data Vault

Sky Data Vault was born out of a convergence of the industry moving services to the cloud and a demand from our customers to achieve state of the art disaster recovery solutions without the traditional capital expense and overhead associated with that service. With over 40 years combined experience in the managed service, IT, telecom, and SMB marketplace, our Founders wanted to focus on one goal. To provide our Business Partners and our End Customers with the simplest and most cost effective method of Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity for mission critical systems and applications. With Sky Data Vault’s Archiver service, we have accomplished that goal.


All of our services are based on three principles.


M is for Managed.

We don’t think our clients should have to work hard to use our services. Once you establish your Sky Data Vault service, you won’t need to think about it again till you need it.

Resilient backup methods.

Traditional “Snapshotting” backups use huge amounts of storage and bandwidth which make them slow and costly. The way they represent data can easily break. Disaster recovery should be prepared for the worst. Our “File and Folder” methodology is much faster, more flexible, uses less space, and is far more resilient.

Customers come first.

We are here to make it as easy as possible for you to be as secure as possible. Every hour of every day.

Sky Data Vault Products and Services