Stickley on Security

Your customers face identity theft risks everyday. The Stickley on Security education and awareness solutions show your executives, employees and customers those risks and what they can do to protect themselves.


Scams, identity theft, viruses, worms and credit card fraud are happening more frequently today than ever before. Your customers are continually alarmed by these threats to their personal information and are looking to their financial institution for help. Stickley on Security’s flagship offering SoS Advisor will proactively educate your customers and staff about the many security risks they face and provide them with the actionable information needed to help keep their financial information secure.


SoS Advisor provides your customers and employees with helpful tips necessary to stay one step ahead of the identity thief. It is a cost effective solution that turns any website or online banking application into a comprehensive security advisor.

As our founder Jim Stickley points out, it is simple to offer a training course but far more difficult to actually educate the participants. Our goal is to ensure that your customers and employees not only learn about cybersecurity risks, but that they can apply what they learn into their everyday lives and jobs.

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