Frontline Group

Frontline Group is the leading professional contact solutions center for remote support staffing, which showcases and supports your every need through Frontline Services, Frontline Call Center, and Ternio. Frontline Group understands the importance of the customer partnership and can deliver solutions to address the customer’s needs to fit the mold and scope of any project. We anticipate trends and and deliver new, innovative ways to grow the client’s customer satisfaction and retention rates through timely, insightful, and proven solutions that deliver strong ROI’s for our customers. We can provide all your remote staffing needs, and procure you the top talent, at the best rates.

Frontline Call Center specializes in providing flexible, high quality customer support outsourcing solutions with an emphasis on inbound and outbound communication channels encompassing phone, live chat, and email. We are making a difference in the Contact Center marketplace through proven customer management solutions, our work-from-home workforce model and our advanced technology infrastructure. Frontline Call Center strives continually to enhance the profitability and success of our clients and Frontline Call center.

Frontline Call Center is experienced at customizing the right blend of services to create an optimal experience for your customers and clients. We get it, as a business owner scalability, cost and time can make outsourcing your customer care or tech support to our experienced agents the right alternative.

Frontline Group Products and Services