Our mission is to provide small businesses the same level of security used by federal government and fortune 500 companies but at a small business price. We didn’t try to reinvent the security wheel, but instead leverage the highest rated security engines out there and build on top of them. This is how OmniNET provides the best world class protection for its customers.

There are three pillars of OmniNET that set it apart from other small business solutions:

1. Hybrid Cloud model

OmniNET leverages cloud technology to ensure protection is completely up to date and is configured optimally to protect your business from growing threats. It also blocks unwanted traffic and threats in the cloud where the bandwidth resources are many times greater than the average small business or even enterprise, cleaning the traffic in the core to avoid bandwidth pollution and providing a “clean pipe” to small business.

2. Highest Grade Protection

OmniNET uses Fortinet/Fortiguard technologies, market leader for over 6 years in the Unified Threat Management space. It’s the same technology used by United States (and many other) federal governments to protect their agencies as well as many Fortune 500 companies. The goal is to provide at least the same level of protection that others spend millions of dollars to establish. After all, we’re all connected to the same internet with the same threats.

3. Biz2Sec Engine (Patent Pending)

Gives business owners the ability to easily configure their security according to how they manage their business instead of trying to hire/contract expensive security expertise. The Biz2Sec engine understands both business systems in specific industries and how they function on the network and is able to build fine-tuned polices for maximum protection.

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