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In the early 2000’s, Ecessa introduced our first WAN failover and load balancing solution that provided networks with greater reliability, bandwidth, security and redundancy. Today, Ecessa is a technology leader in the SD-WAN space. With over 12,000 successful deployments, we have helped the IT managers at single sites, small and medium enterprises and Fortune 1000 organizations make sure their networks never lose connectivity, and quite honestly, are Never Down™.

Ecessa has taken a “Crawl-Walk-Run” approach to our product and service offering, allowing any organization to meet their technical and financial requirements at a pace that aligns with their business needs. The products provide everything from basic failover, to full data duplication in both physical and virtual formats. The approach allows customers of all sizes and industries take a measured and methodical approach when deploying SD-WAN. Ecessa provides every business—at every stage and IT budget—with a smart, sustainable path to a more perfect network.


  • Ecessa Edge introduces the network to load balancing and in-call failover.
  • PowerLink WAN link controllers add VPN and SIP functionality to the network.
  • WANworX offers a full featured SD-WAN solution with a Never Down guarantee.
WANworX is the most cost effective, scalable and flexible premises based SD-WAN solution for improving WAN performance and ensuring Never Down network availability. WANworX enables enterprises to seamlessly connect all their locations plus connect to Internet and cloud-based resources.

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Netsurion® delivers an adaptive managed security solution that integrates our XDR platform with your existing security investments and technology stack, easily scaling to fit your business needs. Netsurion’s managed offering includes our 24×7 SOC that operates as your trusted cybersecurity partner, working closely with your IT team to strengthen your cybersecurity posture. Our solution delivers managed threat protection so you can confidently focus on your core business.

Anti-virus, anti-malware, and firewalls alone cannot keep up with the ever-changing attacks, but traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions require dedicated security experts on-staff to be useful. Now there’s SIEM for small- and medium-sized companies. SIEMphonic Essentials, our managed threat detection and response solution, bridges the gap – making SIEM technology both effective and affordable.

Netsurion Connect: SD-Wan Architecture

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Our mission is to provide small businesses the same level of security used by federal government and fortune 500 companies but at a small business price. We didn’t try to reinvent the security wheel, but instead leverage the highest rated security engines out there and build on top of them. This is how OmniNET provides the best world class protection for its customers.

There are three pillars of OmniNET that set it apart from other small business solutions:

1. Hybrid Cloud model

OmniNET leverages cloud technology to ensure protection is completely up to date and is configured optimally to protect your business from growing threats. It also blocks unwanted traffic and threats in the cloud where the bandwidth resources are many times greater than the average small business or even enterprise, cleaning the traffic in the core to avoid bandwidth pollution and providing a “clean pipe” to small business.

2. Highest Grade Protection

OmniNET uses Fortinet/Fortiguard technologies, market leader for over 6 years in the Unified Threat Management space. It’s the same technology used by United States (and many other) federal governments to protect their agencies as well as many Fortune 500 companies. The goal is to provide at least the same level of protection that others spend millions of dollars to establish. After all, we’re all connected to the same internet with the same threats.

3. Biz2Sec Engine (Patent Pending)

Gives business owners the ability to easily configure their security according to how they manage their business instead of trying to hire/contract expensive security expertise. The Biz2Sec engine understands both business systems in specific industries and how they function on the network and is able to build fine-tuned polices for maximum protection.

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The escalated threat level, the cyber talent shortage, and the sheer complexity of deploying and managing a multitude of security solutions, are the perfect storm for security and IT teams. We are deeply passionate about protecting organizations from that storm.

We provide a set of AI-based, cloud-delivered security solutions that are simple to deploy and manage, and provide the highest level of protection. And Mission Control, our integrated NOC and SOC, is staffed by experts, not only in threat hunting and cyber hygiene, but also in the proper configuration and maintenance of the Microsoft security stack. So we can leverage what you already own.

The combination is changing the lives of our customers, giving them security traditionally reserved for only the largest organizations. We give them “shelter from the storm”. That is our passion.


SASE Portfolio

  • Network – Hybrid cloud support
  • Security – Built-in dynamic secure access
  • Operations – Direct level-3 support
  • Platform – Cloud-based architecture
  • Analytics – Actionable insights

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Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, is shaping the cloud-centric future with technology that is transforming the way people and organizations operate. Our mission is to be the cybersecurity partner of choice, protecting our digital way of life. We help address the world’s greatest security challenges with continuous innovation that seizes the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, analytics, automation, and orchestration. By delivering an integrated platform and empowering a growing ecosystem of partners, we are at the forefront of protecting tens of thousands of organizations across clouds, networks, and mobile devices. Our vision is a world where each day is safer and more secure than the one before.

Prevent tomorrow’s network threats today with intelligent network security from Palo Alto Networks. Secure users, apps and data anywhere with the world’s first ML-Powered NGFW.

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QOS Networks is redefining the network edge with AIops driven ML approach to networking. QOS Networks brings solutions to enterprise networks through their Intelligent Network Platform – simplifying operations and enabling IT teams to welcome the future of network technology. QOS is an expert in the design, deployment, and management of edge solutions like SASE, WIFI, AIops, advanced analytics, multi-cloud enablement, and much more. Their tool and integration-based Intelligent Network Platform brings enterprises a simpler way to grow and manage their network ecosystem that solves their business needs.

The Intelligent Network Platform provides monitored analytics and management, on top of a single-pane-of-glass portal. We pull in network inputs from 5 different data sources, more than any other, and provide effective management and visibility into next-generation services at the edge.

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SteadyNet is a provider of cloud-based networking solutions for branch offices, service centers, stores, and franchises. We believe that networking should be simple, efficient, and innovative. SteadyNet values innovation, responsiveness, simplicity and engagement. Our goal is to solve the networking challenges associated with multi-location businesses that depend on 24/7 connectivity, security, and VoIP clarity to operate their businesses.

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Featured in the Forbes, Wall Street Journal and leading trade-press journals, Viptela has emerged as a clear leader in the multi-billion Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) segment. Over 25 Fortune-500 companies deploy Viptela technology at thousands of sites on six continents, to drastically simplify their WAN infrastructure with over 50% cost-savings.


Viptela’s secure, overlay WAN technology delivers to enterprises the benefit of:

Unified and centralized management of all WAN infrastructure

Reduced WAN infrastructure costs by over 50%

In-depth control & visibility of application performance

Robust-zero trust WAN security

Agility, by reducing network change control from months to days

Get faster, easier deployment and operation of your WAN, and faster performance using less bandwidth.

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Versa enables simplicity, speed, and agility for the digital era by transforming how enterprises build, deploy and operate WANs and secure branch connectivity services.


The software-based networking and security Cloud IP runs on x86 servers or white box appliances, combined with management, orchestration, and analytics. Its broad set of integrated, advanced networking and security services deliver SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) and Software-Defined Security (SD-Security) in the co-location, data center, and cloud.


Using Versa’s solution, enterprises see up to 80% lower WAN, branch infrastructure and circuit costs, and up to 50% savings over traditional WAN scenarios due to lower cost Internet circuits, zero-touch deployments, and automation.

Our solutions are designed from the ground up with cloud principles to provide agility, cost-effectiveness, scalability and simplicity.

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As a pioneer in software-defined networking, Masergy is a leading secure cloud networking platform for global businesses. Acquired by Comcast Business in 2021, Masergy leverages artificial intelligence to enable superior application performance, offering SD-WAN, Security, UCaaS, and CCaaS solutions.

Comcast Business | Masergy Network Map

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