IT Operations Management

IT Operations Management (ITOM)

The managerial and strategic approach to planning, constructing, and running digital services, technology, components, and application requirements in businesses is known as IT operations management (ITOM).


IT operations management refers to the specific procedures and services that an IT division manages, such as management procedures, hardware and software support, and services for both internal and external clients. An organization’s services and procedures are available, performant, and efficient when ITOM is effective.

ITOM describes the techniques used by IT to manage services, support, and deployment to ensure reliability, consistency, and high-quality services. They are usually management departments inside an IT team that develop policies on how services and support are handled and resolved, incorporating policies and processes that center around how companies intend to meet the needs and SLAs of the client and the business.

What are IT Operations Management functions?

Predict issues

Systems for IT estate management (ITOM) assist in gathering and interpreting data. Data from the cloud, IT infrastructure, logs, metrics, events, and container-based resources are all collected. AIOps and machine learning work together to decrease noise, spot abnormalities, and save time by avoiding false positives.

Minimize user impact

Certain issues can be avoided before they arise, and when they do, ITOM enables you to lessen their effects on end users before they even become a problem.

By linking changes and incidents, ITOM enables you to more quickly and accurately pinpoint root causes. You can use insights to collaborate amongst teams while also launching actions based on guided recommendations to stop service degradations and outages and give employees more autonomy.

Automate workflows across teams

ITOM gives you the chance to automate cross-team workflows to remove needless manual processes and handoffs, giving your staff valuable, practical insights that are simple to communicate between teams. When you have pre-built playbooks and low-code/no-code workflows, a taught knowledge base reduces recovery times, which makes it easier to do repetitive activities.

Deliver DevOps

Together with centralised and decentralised teams, ITOM promotes observability and issue response by giving DevOps and SRE teams additional visibility into micro-services

Connect your data

ITOM goes beyond simple IT operations to manage the entire digital life cycle, while also extending your CMDB to create a stronger data foundation.


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