In the early 2000’s, Ecessa introduced our first WAN failover and load balancing solution that provided networks with greater reliability, bandwidth, security and redundancy. Today, Ecessa is a technology leader in the SD-WAN space. With over 12,000 successful deployments, we have helped the IT managers at single sites, small and medium enterprises and Fortune 1000 organizations make sure their networks never lose connectivity, and quite honestly, are Never Down™.

Ecessa has taken a “Crawl-Walk-Run” approach to our product and service offering, allowing any organization to meet their technical and financial requirements at a pace that aligns with their business needs. The products provide everything from basic failover, to full data duplication in both physical and virtual formats. The approach allows customers of all sizes and industries take a measured and methodical approach when deploying SD-WAN. Ecessa provides every business—at every stage and IT budget—with a smart, sustainable path to a more perfect network.


  • Ecessa Edge introduces the network to load balancing and in-call failover.
  • PowerLink WAN link controllers add VPN and SIP functionality to the network.
  • WANworX offers a full featured SD-WAN solution with a Never Down guarantee.
WANworX is the most cost effective, scalable and flexible premises based SD-WAN solution for improving WAN performance and ensuring Never Down network availability. WANworX enables enterprises to seamlessly connect all their locations plus connect to Internet and cloud-based resources.

Ecessa Products and Services