Digital transformation is changing processes and supply chains, products and companies, entire industries and markets. Retarus supports businesses, enabling adaptation to these changes. With cloud services for digital business communication that enable the efficient and secure exchange of information. For people, applications, and machines. This is how more efficient business processes are developed. Processes that work better, are more flexible, agile, and transparent.


Technological advances are changing day-to-day business. Everywhere. And faster than ever. Companies must act, adapt their processes, use innovation to enhance their capabilities. Communication plays a vital role. It has to be secure. Fast. Reliable. And above all, digital. And automated.


That’s exactly what has been driving Retarus since 1992. Founded on the idea of linking the LAN email system cc:Mail to the public CompuServe email network using the Retarus-developed software platform CIS:Link, Retarus is now one of the leading international providers of secure and high-performance communication for business-critical processes. Tailored to the needs of the upper middle market and international corporations. Providing cloud platforms that secure all relevant channels of business information exchange from a single source. From email and fax, to SMS and EDI. For all standards. For all industries. And ready today for what tomorrow’s business will demand. We are proud that the world’s most successful companies appreciate our contribution to their value creation relying on our services for their business communication.


Our vision is to be the global leader for enterprise-level cloud solutions, enabling business communication in a reliable, efficient, and compliant manner.

Retarus Global Messaging Products and Services