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Get more powerful websites and applications with Fastly’s edge cloud platform.

Expectations for websites and apps are at an all-time high. If they aren’t fast, secure, and highly personalized, users take their business elsewhere. But today’s most innovative companies are thriving by meeting this challenge head on: they’re choosing Fastly and an investment in their developers.

With Fastly’s powerful edge cloud platform, developers get the tools they need to build the most groundbreaking apps — all optimized for speed, security, and scale — so businesses can effectively transform to compete in today’s markets. Together, we’re building the future of the web.

Our powerful edge cloud network empowers developers to run, secure, and deliver websites and applications – as close to the users as possible, to create unforgettable experiences at global scale.

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Heyday Now, a gamification and performance inspiration software began its journey in 2020. Focused on creating an employee engagement software to drive results through gamification, competition, and recognition. Through their industry best UI and backend integration support, the platform can ingest data from telephony, CRM, data warehouse, ticketing, and other systems and display that in a variety of ways to promote behavioral change. Levels, badges, challenges, and even a built in store ensure engagement is at an all-time high while the analytics and robust reporting allow for constant adjustments and relevant data.

Competition drives results, so use the natural drive to help your employees build sustainable, long-term success in their work. Heyday Now knows how to motivate your team to drive customer and business results to a whole new level using social interaction, monetary incentives and measurable results that keep everyone engaged in the long term success of your organization.

Heyday Now provides employers with a solution to meet the emotional needs of their employees, while achieving the business needs of the employer. It is a win-win solution!

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Prodoscore™ is a software solution that measures your most valuable asset: your people.


Our mission is to provide never before seen visibility into employee engagement, rooted in data and digestible in seconds, to support a flexible work environment and ensure accountability.


Prodoscore surfaces insights that keep you better informed and better prepared because a lack of visibility can only lead to bad outcomes for your business.


Using Machine Learning, AI, & Natural Language Processing, we measure thousands of daily activity points across your core business applications to provide productivity intelligence. Our proprietary scoring system produces key indicators, so leaders can make well-informed decisions, rooted in data.


Our complex machine learning algorithms output a single score, making it easy for you to digest opportunities quickly. Long gone are the days of sifting through multiple reports and having difficult conversations to identify problem areas.


We want to be at the center of workplace decision-making by providing exceptional productivity intelligence that generates actionable insights for leadership.

We empower teams to be more effective and productive by providing visibility into daily activity in the form of a simple score. Combining Machine Learning, AI, & Natural Language Processing our proprietary scoring tool generates insights based on usage of key business tools that create immediate opportunities for improvement.

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Digital transformation is changing processes and supply chains, products and companies, entire industries and markets. Retarus supports businesses, enabling adaptation to these changes. With cloud services for digital business communication that enable the efficient and secure exchange of information. For people, applications, and machines. This is how more efficient business processes are developed. Processes that work better, are more flexible, agile, and transparent.


Technological advances are changing day-to-day business. Everywhere. And faster than ever. Companies must act, adapt their processes, use innovation to enhance their capabilities. Communication plays a vital role. It has to be secure. Fast. Reliable. And above all, digital. And automated.


That’s exactly what has been driving Retarus since 1992. Founded on the idea of linking the LAN email system cc:Mail to the public CompuServe email network using the Retarus-developed software platform CIS:Link, Retarus is now one of the leading international providers of secure and high-performance communication for business-critical processes. Tailored to the needs of the upper middle market and international corporations. Providing cloud platforms that secure all relevant channels of business information exchange from a single source. From email and fax, to SMS and EDI. For all standards. For all industries. And ready today for what tomorrow’s business will demand. We are proud that the world’s most successful companies appreciate our contribution to their value creation relying on our services for their business communication.


Our vision is to be the global leader for enterprise-level cloud solutions, enabling business communication in a reliable, efficient, and compliant manner.

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